• Pickle Popsicles! Posted on July 31, 2013

    Pickle Popsicles! Heat got you down? Cool of with some Dill Pickle Popsicles!!

    You don't have to be pregnant to crave Pickle Pops (previously known as Pickle Sickles). They've been selling out in Texas for years, and now you can enjoy them wherever you live.

    Bob's Pickle Pops are made from dill pickles, and that's it! Each pickle is squeezed right down to the skin and then the pickle juice (the brine left over from pickling) and pickle guts get liquefied and made into one tasty treat. If you're a true pickle addict, then this mouth watering, temperature lowering, tongue curling treat is for you. We have to warn you though, they can be very addictive! Yes, many people are happy to have a frosty, salty, sour treat instead of a sweet ice pop or ice cream.

    Try them here:

    SIX PACK: http://www.pickleaddicts.com/products/bobs-pickle-pops-dill-pickel-juice-popsicles-6pack

    18 PACK: http://www.pickleaddicts.com/products/bobs-pickle-pops-dill-pickel-juice-popsicles-18pack

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