Bob's Pickle Pops Dill Pickel Juice Popsicles (18 ct)

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Pickle Addicts rejoice, now even popsicles can taste like PICKLES!

You don't have to be pregnant to crave Pickle Pops (previously known as Pickle Sickles). They've been selling out in Texas for years, and now you can enjoy them wherever you live.

Bob's Pickle Pops are made from a dill pickles, and that's it! Each pickle is squeezed right down to the skin and then the pickle juice (the brine left over from pickling) and pickle guts get liquefied and made into one tasty treat. If you're a true pickle addict, then this mouth watering, temperature lowering, tongue curling treat is for you. We have to warn you though, they can be very addictive! Yes, many people are happy to have a frosty, salty, sour treat instead of a sweet ice pop or ice cream.

Health Benefits:

Bob's Pickle Pops are a healthy, tasty treat!. But there'€™s more to Pickle Pops than a six-calorie, sugar-free ice pop. Vinegar, which is a component of pickle brine, is a healthy food. While there are many unsubstantiated claims for vinegar (especially apple cider vinegar) as an overall health tonic and disease preventative. While some of these are overstated, alternative therapists and scientists alike can agree on that vinegar is high in acetic acid, which, like other acids, can increase the body’s absorption of important minerals in the foods we eat, including calcium. Vinegar has also won attention in a 2004 study for its potential to help type 2 diabetes. Indications show that vinegar may be able to inactivate some of the digestive enzymes that break the carbohydrates from food into sugar, thus slowing the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. The spices used in the pickling process, such as garlic and dill, have wide-ranging health properties. Garlic is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and cardiovascular aid (it helps to lower blood pressure). Children undergoing chemo enjoy the salty taste. People with cystic fibrosis need lots of salt every day, and people with MS enjoy the taste after treatments.

Pickle Juice is also a popular sports remedy!! The use of pickle juice as a defense against muscle cramps first attracted headlines when the Philadelphia Eagles credited pickle juice with their cramp-free win over the Dallas Cowboys in the over-one-hundred-degrees Texas heat. Rick Burkholder, the Eagles’ head trainer, called it his “secret weapon.” Pickle companies claim that pickle juice is similar to an isotonic beverage and can prevent muscle cramps caused from strenuous exercise. A study was done to substantiate these claims! See study results here:

The pops arrive as unfrozen €”juice in plastic casing. Stick them in the freezer and in a few hours, you’ve got Pickle Pops.


18 Unfrozen Pickle Pops (freeze and eat). Net weight: 2 oz per pop.

Additional info

Enjoy frozen or unfrozen!

Only 6 calories per pop!

Zero Fat & Zero Sugar!


I first saw these pickle pops on an episode of Unwrapped months ago. Curiousity finally got the better of me and I ordered some. They arrived today in the mail and after about 4 hours in the freezer, I finally tried one. At first taste it was wierd! I'm used to a sweet fruity pop, so the salty pickle flavor made me smile and pucker just for a moment. After a while, the real pickle flavor (the juice is really squeezed from pickles) won me over and the coolness of the ice was quite refreshing. I even enjoyed the little bits of pickle found in the ice. I'll definitly be purchasing more of Bob's Pickle Pops as the warm summer approaches."

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