• Ukrainian Garlic Dill Pickles! Posted on September 01, 2016

    Ukrainian Garlic Dill Pickles! Every summer Ukrainian women have submerged knee deep into canning. Canned produce was essential winter food as all food was seasonal. Imagine only root vegetables and apples available as fresh produce during 9 months of the year. So, canning everything was a big deal. But you have to wait for canned goods to sit and marinate for a few months before eating them. This is how easy dill pickles recipe was born.

    And I promise you my Ukrainian refrigerator dill pickles are the easiest to make!!! I do not can. Like at all. Luckily, I do not have to can. Working with yeast dough and canning is out of question for me. So, when I say these are the easy quick dill pickles with no sugar, vinegar or mustard seeds, you have to believe me.

    Click here for this recipe: http://ifoodreal.com/ukrainian-garlic-dill-pickles/

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