• Tsukemono- Japanese Pickles! Posted on April 03, 2016

    Tsukemono- Japanese Pickles! Japanese pickled vegetables can be used as garnish, and adds a little piquancy to the dishes. They are almost always a part of a Japanese dish, both at restaurants and at home.

    There are numerous varieties of pickles, depending on the vegetables, climate and tradition in a given regional culture. It is just like Cheese in the West. Pickling liquid and spices are also diverse, including salt, vinegar, sake lees, rice bran, malted rice, miso, soy sauce and others. One can buy pickles in shops, but often each household has a particular pickle recipe that is proudly handed-down over the generations.

    Here is the “Asazuke” recipe. The word Asazuke means “lightly pickled”. The recipe should be simple enough to be prepared with vegetables found abroad.

    Find this recipe here: https://washoku.guide/to/2016/02/japanese-pickles-tsukemono/

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