• Today Is National Empanada Day! Posted on April 08, 2013

    Today Is National Empanada Day! The perfect excuse to try these Cubano Empanadas with roast pork, ham, dill pickle, Swiss cheese & mustard!!


    10 ounces swiss cheese
    20 slices dill pickle
    10 ounces roast pork (deli roast pork)
    10 ounces ham (bolo style)
    10 pastry shells (6 inch diameter)
    Yellow mustard


    Step 1: Lightly dust flour on a bakery board.
    Step 2: Place shell on board and gently work around the edges slightly stretching the dough.
    Step 3: Layer all ingredients in pocket in center of the shell. Each empanada will be filled with 1 ounce Swiss cheese, 2 pickle slices, 1 ounce roast pork, 1 ounce ham (do not over fill)
    Step 4: Fold shell and first press edges together with fingers to make sure the empanadas are sealed. Then press edges of shell together with a fork to ensure filling does not cook out.
    Step 5: Gently place empanadas in hot oil and cook until golden brown (approx 5-7 mins). Let empanadas rest for 2-5 mins before serving.
    Step 6: Serve with yellow mustard for dipping.

    Recipe courtesy of: http://www.thelatinkitchen.com/recipe/cubano-empanada

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