• The Real Dill Moonshine! Posted on October 10, 2018

    The Real Dill Moonshine! What are your two favorite things to find inside a mason jar? If your answer is "pickles ... or maybe moonshine," then I've got some good news for you.

    Ole Smoky Distillery, a Tennessee company with absolutely no fear of using the wildest corners of their imagination, is now selling a The Real Dill Moonshine that has dill pickles just floating on the inside.

    The Real Dill has crisp, salty pickles soaking in a delicious jar of proofed up moonshine. Enjoy it with a Bloody Mary, as part of an afternoon snack, or straight up - the choice is yours.

    Read more here: https://www.southernthing.com/ole-smoky-now-has-a-moonshine-with-pickles-inside-2596758421.html

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      • Where can I buy this in Columbia sc?

      over 5 years ago
      • I want to order some of the real dill moonshine...how do I do that?

      over 5 years ago
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