• Tequila Pickleback! Posted on July 24, 2013

    Tequila Pickleback! It's National Tequila Day, so let's have a Tequila Pickleback!

    A Pickleback? Isn't that with whiskey, you say? Well I did some research and found out this-

    "Reggie Cunningham, who’s now widely credited with the drink’s invention at the Bushwick Country Club, was quick to set the record straight, while possibly supporting Littrell’s theory. “We were storing pickles for the McClure’s guys in the basement when they first started their Brooklyn operations,” he said. “I was just munching on some one night when this gravelly-voiced Southern chick asked for a shot of the juice alongside her whiskey. I said, ‘No way,’ but she made me have one with her, and I think I had, like, a dozen that night. Totally cured a cold I had, and no hangover. It took off like hell from there. That one drink totally cemented the bar.”

    Others point out a possible connection to the Russian custom of consuming pickles with vodka, or a similar ritual with tequila in parts of Mexico.""

    So- here you go, a Tequila Pickleback!

    You don't really need me to list the ingredients, do you?

    thanks to: http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/03/16/case-study-got-your-pickleback/?_r=0

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