• Sweet Zucchini Pickles! Posted on September 11, 2016

    Sweet Zucchini Pickles! If you’re a gardener, you’re probably sick of zucchinis by now. Or if you’re friends with a gardener, you’re sick of waking up to find zucchinis on your front porch. I’ve been eating zukes and summer squash for a month and giving so many away that no one will take them anymore. And that’s from a small garden. I just wish my tomatoes would produce like that.

    In my efforts to put up as many vegetables as possible each summer, I invariably come across a few new recipes. This particular one comes from Judy Rogers’s great The Zuni Café Cookbook, and delivers a sweet tang that’s a great accompaniment for a smoked backstrap, charred steak, or even pulled pork. I plunge most of my vegetables in a salty, ice-water both, which I find helps keep them firmer during the hot-water bath.

    Click here for this recipe: http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/the-wild-chef/how-to-make-sweet-zucchini-pickles

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