• Star Fruit Pickles! Posted on January 07, 2017

    Star Fruit Pickles! aka KAMRAKH KA ACHAR! Kamrakh ka Achar -A quick and easy seasonal winter pickle made with star fruit and few Indian spices.

    Kamrakh /Carambola /Star fruit is a sweet and sour juicy fruit which when sliced resemble the shape of a star. Kamrakh is very rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants and Fiber and low in sodium, fat and acids.

    This sour fruit is very good for polishing stained and rusted metal surfaces due to its acidic nature like tamarind and lemon juice.

    Star fruit is mostly used for making salads, stir fries, pickles, chutney and relishes.This sweet,spicy and sour relish/Launji taste great with rice,chapati or can be served as a dip with any snack.

    Find this recipe here: http://maayeka.com/2016/12/kamrakh-ka-achar.html

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