• Sriracha And Red Pepper Pickles! Posted on July 14, 2016

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    Sriracha And Red Pepper Pickles! I frequently consumed my weight in pickles as a child, which probably explains why my father's side of the family gave me the nickname "Pickle". My love for vinegary vegetables even extends to our Christmas tree in the form of an adorable tin pickle ornament. I'm just your everyday pickle fan girl.

    As much as I enjoy pickles, I haven't had much luck making them over the last couple of years. The recipes always seem relatively simple and yet the results are kind of flat and/or too vinegary. After having the Sriracha Pickles at Plan Check, I realized it was time I get it together and nail down my own version of brined cucumbers.

    It took me a few tries to get the flavor balance right but Rob says he likes these even better than Plan Check's version. This compliment is coming from a man who's stuck with me for eternity so take it with a grain of salt. Speaking of Plan Check, if you live in Los Angeles or plan to visit, I highly recommend the Chef's Favorite burger. It's umami-bacon-goodness that shouldn't be missed.

    Click here for the recipe: https://www.chiceats.com/recipe/summer-cucumbers/sriracha-and-red-pepper-refrigerator-pickles#more

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