• Spring Pickles! Posted on June 22, 2015

    Spring Pickles! There are two basic methods of making pickles. The better and longer route, requiring a little more care and patience, involves lacto-fermenting the veggies, like Marvellous Edibles does. This method results in pickles full of probiotics (via lacto-fermentation) that are mildly sour with a complex flavor. The quick-pickle method is a bit of a cheat. A vinegar, salt, spice solution is used to marinate the veggies. This method preserves them and makes them extra tangy and delicious. Bonus is that the pickles can be consumed almost right away. I cheated with the spring pickles…wasn’t feeling the patience this time, but the results are still very worthwhile and delicious.

    Click here for the recipe: http://fromthelandweliveon.com/spring-pickles/

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