• Spicy Sweet & Sour Dills! Posted on September 19, 2016

    Spicy Sweet & Sour Dills! Let’s pickle some cucumbers! This spicy sweet and sour dill pickles recipe is our favorite and never disappoints!

    I have always preferred my mom’s dill pickles to other peoples’ or shop bought version. In fact my family has always been self-sufficient when it comes to cucumbers. I guess it’s pretty obvious that if you have a lot of them you pickle them. That is why we wouldn’t buy pickled cucumbers from a shop! There was no need! It was only when I moved away, to a far faraway country that I started buying them from a supermarket. I’ve tried several brands and so far I like my mom’s recipe.

    Click here for this recipe: http://www.happyfoodstube.com/spicy-sweet-and-sour-dill-pickles/

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