• Spicy Refrigerator Bread & Butter Pickles! Posted on June 17, 2015

    Spicy Refrigerator Bread & Butter Pickles! In early summer, everyone’s gardens and market bags are overflowing with fresh cucumbers. It seems this time of year is known for finding ways to use them up or creatively give them away. So what can you make with extra cucumbers before they go bad? One of our favorite ways to get through the excess is these quick and easy refrigerator pickles.

    Just a few turns of the food processor blades make quick work of an otherwise lengthy slicing task, so the cucumbers can start pickling right away.

    This recipe is for bread and butter pickles with a bit of spice from red pepper flakes, but you can easily use the same method to prepare dill pickles, spicy habañero pickles or salt and pepper pickles. If you like the way they turn out, remember this recipe come July, because it works with zucchini and squash as well.

    Click here for the recipe: http://everydaygoodthinking.com/2015/06/04/how-to-make-quick-and-easy-refrigerator-bread-and-butter-pickles/

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