• Simple & Delicious Homemade Pickles! Posted on March 05, 2015

    Simple & Delicious Homemade Pickles! It's no secret that many things from your own kitchen are more flavorful, healthful, and nutrient dense than store-bought. Pickles are no exception.

    Since we began pickling our own cucumbers, store-bought pickles seem so limp, soggy, artificially colored, and unappealing. You read that right –artificially colored. Certain brands of pickles have added yellow #5 to give their sickly-colored (translation: not so fresh) pickles a little color boost. With all we know about the health implications of food dyes, it’s high time we avoid store-bought and learn how to make our own pickles. This method is so simple, and you will love the outcome!

    Find this recipe here: http://www.diynatural.com/how-to-pickle-cucumbers/

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