• Salt Block Pickles! Posted on December 06, 2014

    Salt Block Pickles! I’ve cooked and prepared food on many surfaces, from kitchen tables to griddle pans, stove tops and chopping boards to cool chilled marble so perfect for pastry. One thing I had never prepared/cooked any sort of food on was a salt block.

    For me salt has always been seen as a seasoning, something I put into my food not something I made the food on.

    It is quite simple really, the salt block imparts its saltiness to your food either when you heat the block on stove top or in the oven and then use like a griddle plate to cook meat, fish and veggies. You can also chill or freeze the block and use it to make wonderfully savoury ice-cream, what a summery treat that would be. What I wanted to try though was making salt block pickles that would be ready to eat in just a couple of hours instead of having to wait days to get at the lip puckering delights.

    Recipe and more here: http://larderlove.com/salt-block-pickles/

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