• Russian Pickled Cukes & Tomatoes Posted on July 22, 2014

    Russian Pickled Cukes & Tomatoes “Pickles” is a collective term to define not only salting as such, but also fermenting, pickling and sousing. For many centuries cucumbers have been the leaders in popularity among all pickles. Without them not a single festive table could do and not a single peasant cellar. Tomatoes came to Russia later than cucumbers, approximately in the 18th century, and what was most surprising – they very soon became regulars on the table of every peasant. Tomatoes were eaten fresh. But, given that Russian housewives used to prepare a lot of products for the winter, tomatoes started to be pickled. Fragrant, juicy sour tomato dish has become a favorite on winter peasant table. Even today, when during any season you can buy fresh tomatoes, housewives continue to pickle them. Read more & see recipes here: http://todiscoverrussia.com/russian-pickles-cucumbers-and-tomatoes/

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