• Reusing Your Pickle Juice! Posted on March 20, 2016

    Reusing Your Pickle Juice! We love our Claussen pickles (they’re one of the few commercial brands of food we buy) and for years I’ve regretfully poured the pickle juice out, until my passion for reuse got the better of me and we did an experiment.

    We sliced some beautiful spanish onion very thinly and threw it in the pickle juice sans pickles. A few hours later, the pickled onions were perfect! We’ve been enjoying them ever since. They go nicely on a salad, in guacamole, in tuna salad sandwiches and would likely be perfect for hamburgers and hot dogs. My children eat them straight out of the jar.

    Read more here: http://pioneeringthesimplelife.org/2016/03/10/reusing-pickle-juice/

    What do you do with your leftover pickle juice?

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