• Refrigerator Pickle Chips! Posted on August 24, 2016

    Refrigerator Pickle Chips! It's been said we all have a sweet or sour profile when it comes to our personal preferred tastes, and I can say I am one of those who would choose a pickle over a piece of chocolate most of the time. I love a good tang! And when my cucumbers are in season, I could eat them every day, with a heavy dose of red wine vinegar and a sprinkling of salt. This recipe for refrigerator Dill Pickle Chips can be tailored to your taste: add a clove of garlic, omit the hot pepper, use more dill - whatever your preference. I usually pick out a jar I like and use that to determine how many cucumbers to fill. A pretty jar of pickle chips in the fridge is a wonderful sight to see. Do be sure to slice them really thin, as they will "pickle" in no time and will be nice and crisp. Click here for the recipe: http://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/story/life/food/dishnthat/2016/08/02/refrigerator-pickle-chips-a-snap-to-make/87964676/

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