• Polish Pickle Soup! Posted on November 15, 2016

    Polish Pickle Soup! Pickles can be thought as a staple in Polish homes. They’re used in salads, as a great company to many open sandwiches.

    We distinguish three main types of pickles, depending on preserving solution. One is similar to pickles that can be easily found in grocery stores. Their taste is kind of sweet and vinegary. Second type are brined pickles – these are the ones used for pickle soup. They are preserved by natural fermentation process, which means no sugar or vinegar were added to the solution. The third type of pickles we use are “low salt” pickles.

    But getting to the point – pickle soup. If you can find right pickles you have to try it! This soup is very easy and quick to make, as most soups are, and it has a very interesting taste. I would call it pleasantly sour, which is nicely balanced with potatoes. It can be served during winter but its sourness can be very refreshing during summer as well. So be adventurous and give it a shot!

    Click here for this recipe: http://www.whatsontheplate.com/pickle-soup/

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