• Pickles & Ice Cream! Posted on July 21, 2013

    Pickles & Ice Cream! Today is National Ice Cream Day, so we had to share this post from The Decorated Cookie!

    She writes:

    "This post is only a test. Really. It’s only half serious. I had to see if all the hullaballoo about pickles and ice cream was real. Because, you see, I’m almost 20 weeks pregnant. (Pause for woo hooing now.)

    This combination was surprisingly not as bizarre as I thought. I predict I’m unlikely to crave this union again, but if I do, next time I’ll try it with real pickles and less dill, methinks. But these packed a good crunch and some interesting flavors.

    To make these, I pulled a cucumber from our garden, washed it and sliced it. I tossed it with some white vinegar, sugar, coarse salt and fresh dill as in this recipe for Quick Pickled Cucumbers from Martha Stewart. I sprinkled the cucumbers with more salt before topping with a little scoop of chocolate ice cream. I dare you to try it."

    Shared from: http://thedecoratedcookie.com/2012/07/pickles-and-ice-cream/

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