• Pickles Help Fight The Flu! Posted on December 09, 2014

    Pickles Help Fight The Flu! Did you know that you can fight the flu with fermented foods? You see, the live bacteria in fermented foods play an important role in supporting your microbiome. What’s your microbiome you ask? Well, it was a popular topic of discussion at the recent Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Annual Food and Nutrition Conference and for good reason. Your microbiome is a community of microorganisms that symbiotically live within us and a growing number of studies suggest our microbiome plays an important role in many of our bodily functions including digestion, metabolism, brain function, immunity and more. You can support your microorganism community in many ways, which include avoiding unnecessary antibiotics, antibacterial cleaners and, yes, avoiding highly-processed, nutrient-lacking foods.

    Boost your natural flora by consuming probiotic-rich fermented foods that are often made from prebiotic (food for the microbiome) rich vegetables. Here are five must-try fermented foods to help you fight the flu:

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