• Pickled Green Chili Peppers! Posted on February 28, 2016

    Pickled Green Chili Peppers! During peak pickling periods (like late summer/ early fall), I like to keep a few recipes for small batches of pickled garlic and pickled hot peppers. By small, I mean for 0.5-2 cups. What’s the use? It’s so handy to have these at the ready when you have leftover ingredients from making other pickles.

    The recipe for pickled green chilis is really easy and can be scaled up or down as needed. The key to this recipe is the 1-to-1 ration of vinegar and water as well as the simple ingredients that make a single jar (or two) a breeze to make!

    Find the recipe here: http://www.wellpreserved.ca/pickled-green-chile-peppers-recipe-and-tip/

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