• Pickle Juice Bread! Posted on September 03, 2016

    Pickle Juice Bread! PICKLE JUICE BREAD! As if you needed yet another reason not to throw out leftover pickle juice, here’s one: carbs. Instead of proofing the yeast for this sandwich bread in water, we use warm pickle juice to do the job. As the tiny grains of yeast disperse throughout your dough, so too will all that briny flavor. Any sandwich you’d want to eat with a pickle (so, every sandwich) can be made better by pickle juiced-up bread—even peanut butter. To take it up one more notch, we add chopped dill pickles to the dough. You’d put pickles on a sandwich anyway, so it’s only logical. Find this recipe here: http://www.tastingtable.com/cook/recipes/best-pickle-juice-bread-recipe-easy-homemade-bread

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