• Pickle Fries With Cajun Dijon Dip! Posted on April 04, 2014

    Pickle Fries With Cajun Dijon Dip! If you’re not familiar with cornichons the best way to describe them is like little baby pickles but with more of a bite. The Maille cornichons for instance are marinated in a mixture of vinegar and other spices like tarragon, cloves, mustard seeds and onions. And they work perfectly for these pickle fries.

    I have made fried pickles before, but these are a bit different. Instead of a bread crumb coating, these pickles are dipped in a quick thin batter made simply with egg, carbonated water and flour. It is just light enough to really let the flavor of the cornichons shine.

    I really enjoyed these friends. They are really, really good. Crispy, crunchy, fried perfection.

    And the Cajun Dijon Dip? Well that is just creamy Dijon deliciousness with a little kick.

    Find the recipe here: http://www.lifesambrosia.com/2014/04/pickle-fries-with-cajun-dijon-dip-recipe.html

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