• Pickle Everything Pickles! Posted on February 08, 2015

    Pickle Everything Pickles! There is something very special about cracking open a home preserved jar of summer peaches in the middle of winter, or enjoying the satisfying crunch of perfectly preserved pickles, long after the last cucumber has been pared off the vine. I’ve always been a pickle lover. That vinegary crunch is totally self satisfying. Whilst we have also been dabbling in the world of lacto-fermentation, I still can’t go past that vinegary taste of a pickle. The best thing about developing a perfect brine is that, I’ve discovered, one can pickle just about anything (think crunchy, carrots, zucchini, okra, tomatillo, gem squash…). Jars of sweet and sour crunchy vegetables ready for adding to winter dishes and eating out of the jar in front of the fire in a few months to come.

    A little work. A little patience. And an honest commitment to the tradition of food.

    Find this recipe here: http://www.inkedincolour.com/pickle-everything-pickles/

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