• Pickle Chicken! Posted on July 30, 2014

    Pickle Chicken! Yup! With Spicy Garlic Fries and Pickle Dip? Oh yah!! Once you eat all the Pickles you are left with this whole jar of perfect Pickle brine that just gets washed down the drain. I got clever one day and dumped the brine on some chicken breasts I wanted to grill. And what I got was basically the best marinade in all the whole wide world. Okay, well maybe the whole wide world is stretching it, but there really aren’t any easier marinades, or more cost effective! You don’t even have to mince garlic. You've got to try this!!

    Check out this recipe here: http://www.sugardishme.com/2014/07/07/pickle-chicken-garlic-fries-spicy-pickle-dip/#ixzz38m9NB57Y

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