• Pickle Allergy! Posted on October 17, 2018

    Pickle Allergy! Ahh, pickles. We all love them! From the big juicy dills that go just perfectly with a sandwich and chips, to the sweet gherkins that grace our dinner tables. Pickles are a commodity that most everyone enjoys. But sadly, many people suffer from pickle allergies, and they aren’t even sure why. These allergies generally appear suddenly, and can be present in both children and adults.

    The thing that most people don’t realize about pickle allergies, is that they are typically caused not by the pickle itself, but by the preservatives used in the pickling process. These pickling agents often cause allergic reactions in people who are then unable to pinpoint the cause of their reaction. The worst part about it, is that these preservatives can be found in a great many more foods than just pickles. Many foods that contain any type of vinegar also contain these pickling agents that can cause pickle allergies.

    If you’ve started having strange reactions to your favorite snack, read on for more information about why pickle allergies occur: http://forupon.com/2018/08/25/pickle-allergy/

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