• Monday Madness! Posted on July 16, 2012

    Monday Madness! A soup made with PICKLES and CREAM (a must try for those craving pickles & ice cream:)


    6 Dill Pickles

    ½ Med. Red Onion

    ½ cup pickle brine

    2 litres whipping cream 35%

    1 Tsp ground black pepper


    With a food processor, puree pickles and onions.

    Transfer to a heavy bottom pot and heat on med/high for 5 mins or until carimalization starts.

    Add pickle brine, bring to simmer.

    Add whipping cream and stir to prevent from separating.

    Maintain simmer and reduce to desired thickness.

    Add pepper.


    Garnish with a dill pickle wedge and a sprig of fresh dill.

    Serves 4 meal size or 8 cup size

    NOTES: I halved this recipe and it came out quite nicely. I did use 100% cream but my friend subbed some milk and hers came out fine. I probably wouldn’t use only milk, as the richness of the milk fat balances the pickles.

    (Photo and recipe courtesy of http://ihatemymessageboard.com)

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