• Lacto-fermented Probiotic Pickles! Posted on November 21, 2015

    Lacto-fermented Probiotic Pickles! “Lacto-fermentation is the process that produces traditional dill pickles, kimchi, and real sauerkraut. It takes nothing more than salt, vegetables and water – no canning, no fancy equipment”.

    “This simple process works because bacteria that could be harmful to us can’t tolerate much salt, but there are good bacteria that can. Think of the this process as the ‘bad guys vs. the good guys’. Lacto-fermentation wipes out the bad guys in its first stage, then lets the good guys get to work during stage two.

    “The good guys on the salt-tolerant team are called Lactobacillus. Several different species within this genus are used to produce fermented foods.

    “The benefits of eating food with live Lactobacillus bacteria include a healthier digestive system and speedy recovery from yeast infections. They are also supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties and be useful in preventing certain kinds of cancer.”

    Click here for more and a recipe: http://www.deeprootsathome.com/lacto-fermented-pickles-no-canning/

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