• Killer Pickled Peppers Hot Sauce! Posted on January 31, 2016

    Killer Pickled Peppers Hot Sauce! Last year I gave this hot sauce out as Christmas presents and it was a big hit! My brother – I kid you not – drank it straight from the bottle! This year I managed to find some habañero peppers at the farmer’s market to kick up heat, so I hope he’ll use it more sparingly.

    I like to use a mix of hot peppers – jalapeño, serrano, cherry bomb, and habañero – but feel free to use whatever is available to you. One tip I have is to snip off the stems, but leave the crowns; they impart a lovely earthy flavor. Adding the dried tomatoes at the end gives this hot sauce a little sweetness. I also love to throw in a couple of chipotle peppers for a smoky flavor, but that is optional.

    Click here for this recipe: http://www.killerpickles.com/killer-hot-sauce/

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