• How To Pickle Anything! Posted on November 10, 2017

    How To Pickle Anything! It’s easy, and there are plenty of different ways to pickle, but usually all you need is vinegar, water, salt, spices, and whatever it is you fancy pickling - almost anything can be pickled, including fruit and meat, although different foods sometimes have slightly different pickling preparation methods.

    And while, like anything, you shouldn’t eat too much of your pickle at once because of the high salt content, a bit of pickle can be a healthy choice because it’s low in fat and calories, and contains fibre and some (but not all) of the pickled fruit or vegetable’s vitamins and minerals. Pickles even contain probiotics and antioxidants, which can benefit overall health and digestion.

    Click here for more & a recipe: http://home.bt.com/lifestyle/food/food-latest/how-to-pickle-vegetables-11364216188613

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