• House Of Yumm Fried Pickles! Posted on March 06, 2015

    House Of Yumm Fried Pickles! Snacking perfection: Salty, fried, deliciousness. Fried pickles are super easy to make at home and a huge hit! I remember the first time I saw Fried Pickles on a menu. Umm..weird? But of course I had to try them. Have you had them before? They’re absolutely delightful!! I love pickles though. The perfect salty, vinegar-y, snack. Frying them? It can only make them better right? Because then I can dip them in ranch! And everything is better dipped in ranch. I think it’s a scientific fact.

    Click here for the recipe: http://houseofyumm.com/fried-pickles/

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