• Hot To Make Pickles! Posted on February 07, 2015

    Hot To Make Pickles! As I write this I’m munching on a cold, crunchy kosher dill pickle. There is snow outside and a blizzard expected on the East coast of North America. I’m cozy warm next to my wood cook stove, though, while I savor this healthy taste of summer. The garlicky dill pickle flavor is just slightly sour, and full of probiotics. There is no harsh vinegar to hit the back of your throat as you bite down. There are no chemical additives to keep the pickles crunchy.

    In fact kosher dill pickles are still crunchy, healthy, raw food, without any processing and without any chemical preservatives. Kosher dills need no canning. Kosher dill pickles need no vinegar. Fermented dill pickles keep raw in your refrigerator, transformed and preserved by the lacto-bacteria in the fermentation process.

    Find this recipe here: http://joybileefarm.com/how-to-make-pickles/

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