• Hot Garlic Asparagus Pickles! Posted on July 21, 2017

    Hot Garlic Asparagus Pickles! Asparagus is one of the most easy-going vegetables there is. It’s as simple to roast as it is to grill or toss on a flatbread. But the only way to extend the season is by canning asparagus pickles.

    Using the same brine ratio (equal parts vinegar and water) year in and year out, I have played around with the flavorings–as one can do with pickle recipes.{Unlike other canning recipes, like tomatoes, when you cannot take creative license without compromising food safety.}

    And yet, I keep coming back to a winning trio of pickling spice, garlic and crushed red pepper. The garlic and spice work in concert to give these spears just the right amount of heat and savoriness to balance the tartness from the brine.

    Find this recipe here: https://lynnecurry.com/2017/05/garlic-asparagus-pickles/

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