• Hops Beer Pickles! Posted on December 02, 2014

    Hops Beer Pickles! I don’t remember if I was joking or not when I asked my husband if I should create a hop flavored beer pickle. Even if I had been, the way his eyes lit up meant that I absolutely had to make it happen. What a crazy idea, beer flavored pickles!

    Well, after a bunch of work designing the recipe – making sure the acid level was right, planning flavors to compliment the style of beer, etc – I was disappointed to learn that Dogfish Head Brewery beat me to it, with theirHop-Pickle from Brooklyn Brine. Boo! I hate it when I have a great idea, only to find that someone got there first!

    Anyway, these pickles are fabulous.

    Find the recipe here: http://www.celebrationgeneration.com/blog/2012/09/06/hoppy-ipa-pickles-recipe/

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