• Homemade Pickle Popcorn! Posted on January 19, 2016

    Homemade Pickle Popcorn! Two of my favorite snacks are popcorn and pickles, so one day I figured, why not combine them?

    This is a fun way to add that extra kick to your popcorn without having to do too much extra work (Bacon Chili Chocolate Popcorn for another day, friends).

    The pickles are cooked with the popcorn, so they become nice and crispy. When mixed around, the pickles add that salty, briny taste to the popcorn. It’s really fun and easy, so let’s get started.

    Happy National Popcorn Day!

    Click here for recipe and pictorial: http://www.zestvip.com/homemade-pickle-popcorn-recipe/1/

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