• Home Canned Bread & Butter Pickles! Posted on November 18, 2014

    Home Canned Bread & Butter Pickles! I have to say that I am in love with this recipe! If you have never canned I would suggest picking up a copy of the Ball Canning Book. It is the bible when it comes to canning. I was given a copy by my neighbor in 2010 and I love this book. It is full of great tips and ticks for canning.

    Be sure to read about head space and proper techniques for canning. When you find yourself in a sea of cucumbers this recipe is a sure way to use them and you will be prepared for the winter months by having your own Home Canned Bread and Butter Pickles. I say roll up your sleeves, crank the music and get to canning!

    Find this recipe here: http://www.stockpilingmoms.com/2013/09/home-canned-bread-and-butter-pickles/#sthash.JDYbMAuE.dpuf

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