• Green Mango Pickles! Posted on December 04, 2014

    Green Mango Pickles! I love Indian pickles. Especially mango pickles. I was so excited when Ten Speed Press sent me a free review copy of Karen Solomon’s book, Asian Pickles. That was the reason I wanted to get a copy of this book in my hands.

    There are 2 mango pickle recipes. One is for ripe mangos and the other for green mangos, so she has you covered no matter what stage your mango is right now. These was so easy to make that I will definitely be making another batch when I run out. The lime pickles are next on my list.

    What are your favorites kind of pickles and do you ever make your own?

    Find this recipe here: http://healthyslowcooking.com/2014/11/29/green-mango-pickle-asian-pickles/

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