• Fried Pickles! Posted on January 10, 2014

    Fried Pickles! It’s Friday, Friday, Friday…fun, fun, fun, fun. Ok I’ll stop, that song always gets in my head and I absolutely hate it. I’m in a pretty good mood today. We got our new bed frame and mattress yesterday and I had the best sleep last night than I had in a while.

    Review on this recipe: "I have only had these once, but they are tasty. It is probably the contrast of the vinegar dill and salty batter. I do love salt and vinegar chips also. I am surprised because I only thought this was a Southern appetizer since I have not see it anywhere else. By the looks of the comments, I think I was wrong about it being southern! These sure look enticing and I like that you went for it big time with the spears instead of the little dill slices. Yum! Enjoy the weekend."

    click here for recipe: http://nycityeats.com/wordpress/3763/fried-dill-pickles/

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