• Fire Pickles Brine! Posted on May 25, 2015

    Fire Pickles Brine! I’m working towards finding the perfect sweet pickle brine.

    This brine recipe, adapted from a Taste of Home bread and butter pickle recipe, is closer to what I’ve tried so far. I love dill pickles but I actually crave sweet pickles when I have pickle cravings.

    These pickles are the result of a though experiment-witch’s brew is essentially just aromatics in vinegar, and pickles are vegetables in vinegar, so I wonder what happens when you merge the two?

    *I cannot comment to the safety of these pickles as a canned recipe. I make these as a fridge pickle. The upside of making them as a fridge pickle is that they are much more adjustable- add more or less salt (or leave it out entirely), adjust the sugar level, change the vinegar, adjust how many aromatics you use.

    Click here for the recipe: https://redcrowgreencrow.wordpress.com/tag/fire-pickles/

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