• Extra Crispy Deep Fried Pickles! Posted on January 18, 2019

    Extra Crispy Deep Fried Pickles! Crispy deep fried dill pickles are a perfect appetizer for just about any occasion, and now you can make them from your own kitchen with just a few simple ingredients.

    The first step to making fried pickles is to choose which variety of pickles that you are going to use.

    Pickles come in many varieties – dill, bread and butter, and sweet to name a few. They come whole, sliced lengthwise, or cut into round discs. This recipe from My Latina Uses the hamburger sliced dill pickles., but you can always try another variety as well.

    See the full recipe here: https://www.mylatinatable.com/best-extra-crispy-fried-pickles-recipe/

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