• Elizabeth's Chickwich! Posted on June 22, 2016

    Elizabeth's Chickwich! Six years ago, I created my version of the Chick-fil-A sandwich I loved eating as a child, for one of my restaurants and called it the 'chickwich'. For my version, I use aromatic buttermilk brine for the boneless skinless chicken breasts to keep them juicy, and then dip them three times - first in seasoned flour, then an egg wash and finally crushed saltines to make the crust extra crispy.

    The sliced pickles - the only condiment in this sandwich - are key, and if you are like me, and want them in every bite, make sure to layer the entire top bun with pickles. I like tangy and sour dill pickle slices, but if you prefer bread-and-butter or sweet pickles, they'll work equally well.

    Click here for this amazing recipe: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/food/20160616/what-chickwich

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