• Easiest 48 Hour Fridge Pickles! Posted on May 19, 2014

    Easiest 48 Hour Fridge Pickles! Making easy fridge pickles will take your backyard cukes to veggie nirvana. They taste SO different than the ones you might buy in a jar. I wish I had taken a photo of these jars next to the jar of regular store-bought dills in our fridge. The color difference is amazing. And so is the taste, and the texture.

    They’re easy, they’re incredibly inexpensive and so worth the effort. You've got to try ‘em! And then you should try them again, because once you open one of these jars, they will be gone within minutes.

    See what you'll need here: http://pdxfoodlove.com/easiest-48-hour-fridge-pickles/

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