• Dilly Cucumber Pickles! Posted on March 02, 2016

    Dilly Cucumber Pickles! I very firmly believe that everyone should be consuming lactofermented foods. For one, there are no traditional cultures who did not eat fermented foods in some form; that speaks very loudly to me. But for those out there who aren’t so idealistic and who don’t have romanticised views of upholding ancient traditions like I do – you may seek comfort in knowing that probiotic foods are the best way to get the full benefits of probiotics.

    Fermented foods are yummy, unlike a pill or powder, so you won’t forget to take them! Also, the bacteria that are found in a completely natural state (i.e. in your fermented foods) are typically those bacteria that will actually take up residence in your gut and benefit you in the long-term. And finally, bacteria need food. The best food for them are starches and fibrous fruit and veg, generally things that we struggle to digest without the help of these little guys. What a coincidence – your pickles aren’t just food for you, they’re food for the bacteria too! Everything that both you and the bacteria need, wrapped up in one delicious package! No pill or powder can give you that.

    Pickles can be made over the span of a few days, or up to a few weeks. Earlier fermentation times are typically referred to as ‘half-sours’ with longer fermentations earning the moniker ‘full-sours’. Essentially, the longer you leave your cukes out at room temperature, the more sour they will get. I love the flavour of full sours at around three weeks, but there is a trade off.Longer = soggier. Half-sours (my bliss point is right around 7 days) are a good compromise – sour enough, never soggy.

    Click here for my recipe: http://www.cutoutthecrap.com.au/dilly-cucumber-pickles/

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