• Dill Pickled Beets! Posted on June 05, 2017

    Dill Pickled Beets! I like sweet pickled beets, in fact one of my Grandmothers used to make them and bring them over for Sunday night dinner when we were growing up. It’s the only way we really ate beets, and I remember I could probably eat an entire jar myself (impressive, I know).

    Here is the thing that my adult (sort of), nutritionally-minded brain is thinking about these days: why do we always make sweet things sweeter? Marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes, maple syrup roasted squash, sweet pickled beets, does this really make sense? Obviously it does to many people, or those concepts wouldn’t exist, but I thought it might be a good idea to take already sweet beets and balance them out by making them into dill pickles (just like classic cucumber pickles). And guess what? They’re really good!

    Click here for more: http://thecrushingcancerkitchen.com/roots/dill-pickled-beets/

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