• Did You Know?! Posted on March 12, 2016

    Did You Know?! A Pickleback shot could actually be good for you! What's a pickleback you say? This is a shot combination similar to a “beer and a shot”, but instead of a beer, it consists of a shot of pickle juice and a shot of whiskey. The whiskey is imbibed first, followed by the briny pickle juice. The pickleback name actually is only a reference to the pickle portion of the shot since it is enjoyed at the end or the “back” of the experience. Some people have changed it up by drinking whiskey and then taking a bite of a pickle, but you should know that you won’t get the same positive health effects if you do it this way.

    Read more at: http://www.craveonline.com/culture/957751-pickleback-shot-actually-good-health#RsXw3ctWkxMrbop3.99

    Get your Pickle Juice here: http://www.pickleaddicts.com/categories/pickle-popsicles-and-juice

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