• Dehydrated Pickle Chips! Posted on September 09, 2014

    Dehydrated Pickle Chips! This summer I had an overabundance of cucumbers. I was harvesting at least 2 dozen a week. I made cucumber salad, freezer pickles, juice, ate them and I was still up to my ears in pickles! I gave them away to family and neighbors but eventually I just had more than I knew what to do with.

    Until, I resurrected my good ol’ friend the food dehydrator.

    The result: HEALTHY HOMEMADE Pickle Chips!

    I was hesitant to make these thinking cucumbers are so full of water and that they would not dehydrate, but I was wrong. In just about 4 hours, they became a crisp, tasty, and satisfying treat. If you don’t have a food dehydrator, you can still make quick pickles with this recipe.

    Find this recipe here: http://healthy-homemakers.com/pickle-chips/

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