• Cracked Pepper Leek Sauerkraut! Posted on March 10, 2017

    Cracked Pepper Leek Sauerkraut! The reason I tried this recipe is that the authors of “Fermented Vegetables” referred to it as a “family favorite.” I make a lot of different ferments so I know what it means when a true fermenter calls something a “favorite.” The bottom line is that I love this kraut. I hadn’t used much pepper as a spice in my ferments until this one and I love the effect it has. The recipe below has twice the amount of cracked pepper than the original recipe called for which I definitely prefer. You can start with less if you like and add more once the fermentation is complete and you’ve had a chance to taste it. I definitely recommend using a coarse grained cracked pepper for this. If you use a finely ground pepper, you can probably get away with less. The leek adds a nice nuance. If you try to eat this one too early on in the fermention cycle, the leek will dominate. Give it a little love and patience and you’ll be culinarily rewarded.

    Click here for this recipe: http://fermentationrecipes.com/cracked-pepper-leek-sauerkraut/1793

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