• Cinnamon Candy Christmas Pickles! Posted on December 02, 2019

    Cinnamon Candy Christmas Pickles! This is one of those Southern recipes you will either adore because your Grandma always made it or you will say "What in the world!" Crisp, red pickles flavored with cinnamon red hot candies. Often served at Christmas because they are red.

    A wonderful treat of red, cinnamon-ey cubes of sweetness in a pickle. This recipe is so old...I can not even imagine the original date...It has been handed down generation to generation. It is not difficult to make...just a few extra steps over a period of 4 days, but believe me when I tell you they are simply delicious.

    Get the full recipe here: https://www.meandmycaptain.com/2014/11/cinnamon-pickles/

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