• Cherry Koolickles! Posted on August 26, 2013

    Cherry Koolickles! Today is National Cherry Popsicle Day, but we've got something better than popsicles - Cherry KoolAid Pickles!!

    Koolickles were covered in the New York Times back in 2007, but I don't think they've really hit the national stage yet. Even now a koolickle is not seen that much in Memphis, but since the recipe is so simple, if you're curious you can try it out for just a few dollars.

    Most online recipes suggest starting with a gallon jar of pickles. I used a half gallon, because I didn't need that many koolickles in the house. Simply drain the brine into a clean jar, add in a packet of cherry Kool-Aid and a cup of sugar. (Slicing the pickles lengthwise will help, or you could chop them into one-inch chunks.) Stir the brine until the sugar and Kool-Aid are dissolved and then return to the pickle jar, and put it in the fridge. After about a week of turning the jar once a day, you'll have your koolickles.

    How'd they taste, you ask? Exactly like you'd expect—you've taken sour dill pickles and transformed them into neon red cherry flavored sweet pickles (with a nice sweet and sour taste!). As you can see from the picture, the lengthwise slices get a deeper penetration of the color and flavor, though cross slices of the whole pickles do provide an interesting look. It's possible to do this with lots of different flavors of Kool-Aid, and nothing's stopping you from having seven jars to show the full rainbow of koolickles.


    thanks to: http://www.seriouseats.com/2013/04/how-to-make-koolickles-kool-aid-pickles-memphis-tennessee.html

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